Zombies -What You Really Need To Know !

Well, plain and simple a Zombie is a dead person. That’s right he is dead, but animated in a trance like state. He is basically dead for all intelligent purposes, but yet undead because he has the ability to move his arms and legs. Thus the term, the “undead” or the “living dead”. There is however absolutely no brain function as far as his thought process goes. I am sure we all have acquaintances that we could refer to as Zombies!

Zombies have been the source of many horror and fantasy movies. They originated from Haitian folklore. It was believed that a dead body could be brought back to life by using voodoo and magic. Devoid of the ability to think or speak, they were purely meant to terrorize. Anyone who is dead can be turned into a Zombie, unless of course the brain is damaged, then you’re really dead! For example a shot to the head or getting wacked in the head with an axe would render you clearly dead. The brain tells our body what limbs to move, so therefore, no way, no chance of becoming a Zombie.

Facts About Zombies

  • They are not afraid of water. Because their limbs are so decayed, their mobile abilities are very limited. While they are not afraid of water, it must be shallow because they are unable to swim. Deep water would just cause them to bloat. Now that would just be ugly!
  • They are not afraid of fire. Zombies have no fear, in fact they are incapable of feeling. So setting them on fire won’t stop them. They will continue to come at you all ablaze! Eventually the fire will burn them out, but its a slow process and they could do a lot of damage in the meantime.
  • They are not afraid of the dark. Many Zombies don’t even have any eyes! This however does not impede their ability to wreak havoc in the dead of the night.

How To Outwit A Zombie

Because Zombies lack intelligence and common sense, they can easily be lured into traps. They cannot move very fast either, so out running them is quite easy. If you actually want to destroy the Zombie, the only way to do it is by destroying his head. This will totally eliminate his ability to move.

Killing the Zombie can be done by the use of grenades, gunshots, swords or crossbow shots. Remember to aim for the head! You must totally obliterate the head or he will just become more angry. Bad news for you!

Zombie Common Sense Facts

The best advice I can give you is to just to stay away from them. If you are out to slay the walking dead, forget it. Unless you are at a safe distance from them and you are armed with several flame throwers. Hopefully they will all be burned to a crisp before they can get to you. Otherwise, its up in smoke for you.

Knowing some voodoo spells might be a plus, but one wrong word and you’re toast!

Stay safe everyone!

“Zombies eat brains.

So you’re probably safe!”

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