What is a Bumper Sticker ?

A bumper sticker is a sticker or magnet that can be displayed on the bumper of your vehicle. It can be used to display advertising or personal messages. Peel and stick it on!

However, it hasn’t always been that easy. Before the peel and stick stickers people had to think of creative ways to attach their messages to vehicles. They came up with several solutions. Although they were effective, they were not as simple.

Brief History of The Bumper Sticker

When the horse and buggy was the only means of transportation, advertisers would print the name of their business on horsefly nets. Creating their own personal billboard!

With the invention of the automobile came hand made signs. Attached to bumpers with string or wire. It was a primitive but effective way to convey a message or advertisement.

By the 1930’s and 1940’s advertisers that wanted to promote a product made signs out of metal or cardboard. These were then wired to the bumpers of vehicles.

Needless to say the cardboard signs did not withstand inclement weather and the metal signs began to rust.

During World War ll developments in material manufacturing brought into play daylight fluorescent inks. They were very popular and they were used to support the various wartime efforts.

Pressure sensitive stickers appeared after World War II and the new developments included adhesive materials. This then led to paper strips with adhesive backs which made for easier application.

Forest Gill was a screen printer in the 1940’s . He found himself with a surplus of wartime adhesive backed paper and fluorescent paint. He cleverly combined the two and so became the bumper sticker!

Advanced technology has led us to today’s popular vinyl and magnetic bumper stickers.

We no longer have to print our own messages on cardboard! Today bumper stickers are pre-made or custom-made in several sizes with the most popular being 10 by 3 inches. They come in a wide range of colors and sayings. The possibilities are endless!!

What Is The Purpose Of A Bumper Sticker?

Think of the bumper sticker as your own personal billboard! Advertise your business or products. Personalize it with a phone number or an image. Apply it to your bumper for all to see.

Best of all, bumper stickers can give you excellent value for your money. At just a fraction of the cost of newspaper or radio ads, it is an excellent option

What a brilliant way to promote your business or website!

What do you do when your stuck in traffic?

We are automatically drawn to checking out the vehicle directly in front of us. Eager to read anything to pass the time.

Say what???

Yes, you now have a captive audience.

Use a bumper sticker to:

  • Express your emotions
  • Make someone laugh
  • Make someone angry
  • Advertise your business
  • Promote your website
  • Express environmental concerns
  • Express political views
  • Promote events
  • Express seasonal wishes

Whatever your reason, you have a captive and unlimited audience.
Welcome to the world of bumper stickers!!!

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