The mug is the perfect gift! -Creektee Cafe

First of all, you may have noticed that I use the term mug, instead of ‘coffee’ mug. Why? Simply because mugs are not just for coffee! They are used for tea, hot chocolate, milk and any other beverage that you choose to put in it. After all it just doesn’t sound right to give a coffee mug to a tea drinker! So, I think its high time we drop the word “coffee” and just refer to it as THE MUG!!

The evolution of the mug

The mug or some form of it has been in use for centuries. They were carved out of animal bones, wood and whatever else was available to craft a vessel for drinking. After all, if we go as far back as the caveman, who originally used his hands, we know that people needed something to drink from.

Originally mugs were just a crude bowl shaped vessel , later to be reshaped and decorated with handles, colors and designs. Today mugs come in many different materials such as, porcelain, china, wood and glass and they can be pre-made with all kinds of sayings, prints, colors and designs.
Mugs are used on a daily basis by millions of people.

Why is it the mug a perfect gift?

It makes the perfect gift for a casual acquaintance because you don’t have to know what color they like or what size they wear. Everyone drinks something and obviously will use the mug at some point!

Are you going to a workplace party that requires you to bring a gift? Maybe you want to give a co worker a gift for their birthday, Christmas or you just want to show them a sign of appreciation? A mug can do that!

And what about the family member who has everything? Get them a personalized mug, everyone likes to see their own name in print. Or why not have a custom mug made with their favorite saying on it, like “Shut the front door!” Brilliant idea!

Almost everyone uses a mug. From first thing in the morning for that wake up coffee, to last thing at night when we want to unwind. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes to suit anyone’s style.

A practical gift

Its a practical gift because most of us the first thing we grab in the morning is our mug. We need to start our day with a nice mug of tea, hot chocolate, coffee Or whatever floats your boat! Its also an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.

Mugs come in a wide variety of styles and designs and they are a practical inexpensive gift. They are easy to wrap and can fit in a small package to mail as a gift.

Here are some ideas for customizing the mug and making it extra special!

  • hearts and kisses to express your love
  • a smile, a funny face or one liner to share a laugh
  • add personalized names for your co workers and relatives
  • customize them with their favorite sayings
  • add photos of your family and pets
  • give a personalized one to the employee of the month
  • have it branded with your logo for business advertising
  • as website promotion
  • to share your point of view
  • use it to display family photos for family reunions and special events
  • to celebrate milestone birthdays and anniversaries

The Mug. The Perfect Gift. Get one Today!

*Note all of our products are created in our shop, from stickers, t-shirts right down to the mugs. We do not use outside production partners as we pride ourselves on using quality materials and checking each order before we ship it. 

Creektee specializes in custom orders.

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