The Emoji Its Not Just Another Smiley Face!

The emoji is not just another smiley face. Use them to add emotions to text and media

The emoji is not just another smiley face, in fact an emoji is the new version of the smiley face. Consider using the emoji to put a different spin on your messages. An emoji is a quick and simple way to instantly add emotions to text and media.

In 1999 a Japanese artist, Shigetaka Kurita worked for NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese mobile phone company.

Subsequently he realized that with the onset of digital messaging, it needed a shortened way to add emotions to text messaging.

Maybe just a smile, or a grimace to convey a wordless message.

In one month he created the first set of 176 emojis. Oh yes, it was an instant success.

It certainly is a faster and simpler way to put your emotion into texts and messages. Commonly and widely used on social media, the emoji is not just another smiley face!😊

What emoji does it mean?

Emoji comes from the Japanese letter e, “picture” and the word moji ,which when put together means “character”. Actually emojis are pictographs of faces , objects and symbols.

Since social media and text messages don’t let the readers see our moods or expressions we can now simply insert our emotion into what we are writing or replying to.

There are thousands of emojis to show your emotions in messages and social media. Now you can also add them to your fridge, car, office or locker. Display your mood for the day, use one or use several!

CREEKTEE/CREEKZEE has an excellent selection of emoji magnets and stickers.

Express Yourself!

With an emoji you can express your opinion or feelings about a post without writing a word. Including emojis for feeling angry, sad, happy and even puzzled. 😉

There are so many emojis and meanings that Unicode has published standards on what the emojis mean. Consequently, there are over 3600 emojis in the Unicode standard.

Cell phones now allow you to easily add emojis to your text messages or just send them without text. Do you find yourself too rushed to type a text message on your coffee break?

With a single stroke you can send your sweetie all your feelings with one simple emoji. Instantly send them hugs or a smiley face gushing with hearts.

If you are having a bad day there’s an emoji for that too! 😒

Emojis have evolved to take the shape of animals or hearts and even, yes…….food and drink emojis! In light of our devastating pandemic the safety conscious emoji was introduced. As a result we now have the adorable masked emojis!

Emoji or Emoticon ?

The emoji is often confused with the emoticon when in fact they are completely different. Simply put, emoticons are the predecessor of emojis. Easily made, they consist of keystrokes comprised of different letters, numbers and punctuation marks that when put together create a pictorial of your sentiment. Although it has the same effect, but not as vibrant and not as simple as just choosing an already made emoji. 😍

Take a minute to make someone smile today!!

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