Stencils are a means to re create an exact image. Some are made for single use only, while others can be used over and over.

They are made from thin materials, plastic, wood, vinyl, cardboard, foam board or metal. They can also be made from any material that is lightweight and holds its shape. You can either create your own or purchase them pre made.

Stencils are laid on top of your project and then colored over with paint, crayons, markers or pencils.

They are a terrific way to create your own artwork.

Even if you can’t draw a stickman, with a stencil you can create a masterpiece!

The stencil will produce the same image repeatedly. In recent years stencils have become very popular with graffiti artists and street artists. They are also used widely by military, governments and businesses to label the exact image on vehicles, objects and equipment.

At home they are used for decorative painting indoors or out . If you are good at woodwork but not drawing, the stencil can be used to complete your project and give it that professional look and appeal. As well, stencils have become popular for home wall art projects. You can design your own image, family name or crest to stencil on your den, bedroom, kitchen or living room wall.

Use them to add a trim or border to your room by using a decorative stencil. Then roll over it or sponge over it with the colors of your choice.

Stencils in history!

Stencils are perfect for home made projects!
Create a custom stencil with your text or image
Re-usable Custom Stencils

Stencils are not just patterns and shapes but also come in an endless range of lettering for personalized touches.

A primitive form of stenciling was used by the caveman to produce rock art in caves. The first one of course was a hand, held against a rock and then using a dry paint, they blew though a tube onto the hand to create an image on the rock.

Archeologists have also found images on rocks that were man made, of boomerangs and small animals such as crabs and turtles. Some of these were believed to have been made using stencils formed out of beeswax.

Early Eskimos actually made stencils by carving out designs on seal skins.

Today there is no need to forage the woods for beeswax or go seal hunting! What a relief!!

Stencil patterns come in almost any design you can imagine.

Why not create your own one of a kind stencil for home projects or business logo?

Its fun and easy and you can make a one of kind item that you can add to your craft projects.

“Everything you can imagine is real” ~ Pablo Picasso

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