New Year, New You, New Hope

I am sure that we all agree that its certainly time to ring in a new year. The last few years have been devastating to so many of us. Along with the pandemic we have had extreme weather conditions in many parts of the world. There has been a tragic loss of so many lives, loss of belongings and homes. Everyone has lost something very important them.

There is however one thing you just can’t lose. HOPE! Once you lose that you have given up. May as well just stay in bed, feel sorry for yourself and wither away!!

Really?? No, we were all put on this earth for a reason. We still have a chance of living, doing something important and meaningful. Whether its for ourselves or others, it still matters.

Hold on to hope for your new year.

Dealing with a new year

Remember that life goes on no matter what. No matter how much you hurt or how angry you are, it still goes on. You just need to learn how to deal with it. It will be different, and certainly there will have to be some difficult adjustments. No one said life would be easy. Along with the good that we have had, we have to accept some bad.

When I am at my darkest point I reflect on what I have had in my life. My happy memorable times certainly outweigh my darkest moments. The laughter, good fortune, family times, pets and adventures. I also think of all of those worse off than I am now or have been in the past. That makes me grateful and gives me hope that better days are still ahead for all of us.

Its time to let go of the old year and ring in the new year with a vengeance! You don’t have to forget, you just have to let go and move forward. After all, no matter how tragic the year has been, you are still here. Another chance for another day.

A new year brings new challenges.

Set positive goals

Take advantage of this new year for a fresh start. Set positive, realistic goals. Make one of your goals helping others, whether that be monetary or emotionally. It can be someone in your life or a perfect strange. Just make a difference to someone!

Fill your days with positive thoughts, don’t dwell on the negatives. We can’t change it, but we can deal with it and try to make it better. Make yourself happy, if you are happy within yourself then you are able to make others happy.

Live your life to the fullest while you have the chance. Don’t just wish things could be, do something about it and make them be!

Live your dream

Keep all your dreams and wishes alive and do something each day to bring you closer to living your dream. Do a little bit of rock and roll. ROCK with your successes and Roll with your punches!

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”

~Walt Whitman

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