Ways To Disguise A Gift – Its a Wrap

We all have that one person in the family that has to feel all the presents, squish them, twist them, smell them and shake them until they figure it out. Well, I accept the challenge. There are many ways to disguise a gift.

Lets work on making it a little more difficult.

Clothing items just wrapped in paper are the easiest things to guess. How often have you heard, “I know its pajamas! ” or a shirt, or socks etc.!

Look for unique containers

I am an avid thrift store shopper and it always amazes me at what great unique things I find. I always look for clean, undamaged one of a kind items. Most thrift stores have an endless supply of empty tins. They come in all shapes and sizes and many times you will find a great vintage tin. Perfect for the tin collector and to put clothing in.

They also come in many different shapes. Round, square, oval and rectangular. Put your shirt or pj’s in a nice round tin. That will making guessing all the more difficult. Choose a tin that the person you are giving it to will keep and enjoy and use for baking or putting keepsakes in. It serves as two gifts in one.

If its for a child choose a tin with animals, letters or toys on it. For an adult choose a tin with cars, flowers or sports themes on it Wrap them in pretty paper and decorate. As well as coming in many designs and shapes they also come in solid colors. These you can leave unwrapped and decorate the tin as you wish.

More Creative Ways To Disguise A Gift

Plastic containers are also a great way to disguise the contents of the gift. Again the choice of sizes is endless from mini containers, great for jewelry, to small totes, great for jackets and sweaters and hard to wrap toys.

For jewelry, rings, watches and necklaces use a small tin or plastic container, stuff with tissue paper or newspaper, so it doesn’t rattle. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are great for holding jewelry too. They can be wrapped to look like a Christmas cracker. Keep them guessing!

Those screwdrivers we get dad every year also fit compactly in a paper towel roll, duct tape the ends and its a wrap!

You may even have an excess supply of tins or containers at home. Similarly glass or plastic condiment jars or cannisters can be used for soft clothing items or jewelry. Great small inexpensive gifts for children are pens, pencils, crayons, stickers and notepads. These all fit neatly in containers.

There are endless ways to disguise your gifts!

Is there a book lover in your family and they know every year you get them a book.? When they pick up the wrapped gift they go, “Yep, its a book!” , well step up your game. Books also fit nicely in tins or plastic containers and boxes. Stuff the sides with newspaper, tissue paper or put the gift in a scarf or shirt inside the tin or container.

The smellers have an easy task of guessing when sniffing out gifts of perfume, cologne and soaps. Plastic and tin containers disguise the smells extremely well.

Depending on your budget, you can either use items you have at home, from the thrift store, the dollar store (they have great economical containers) or big spenders can shop at the mall.

When it comes to gift wrapping there should be just as much thought put into the wrap as there was in choosng the gift. The presentation of the gift is a reflection of yourself. Make it shine! Be Creative!

“The ribbons! The wrappings! The tags! And the tinsel! The trimmings! The trappings!” ~ Dr.Suess

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