Its A Wrap – Gift Wrapping

The internet has given us access to a wealth of information and informative, ingenious, creative videos and ideas. It brings everything we do to a whole new level. It is no exception when it comes to gift wrapping ideas.

Choose your wrap

The easiest wrap of course is just going to the mall and buying a roll of wrap. If you are a crafty, creative person there are tons of other options. Here are just a few ideas for wrapping the gift.

  • There is a myriad of free printable sites and no shortage of wrapping paper printables. Choose one you like and depending on the size of the gift you may need to print off several sheets.
  • If you have a crossword or word search lover there are free customizable printables you can use to wrap your gift and let them have some fun before opening it.
  • Plain brown paper is an excellent option for the crafter.
  • White freezer or parchment paper is also an excellent background for do it yourself decorating.
  • Solid color plastic containers give you a great background for painting on or gluing decorations to. They are also available in a wide range of sizes for those hard to wrap gifts
  • Pillowcases make a great Christmas sack and lots of trims and ribbons can be added to it.
  • Fold your paper into a cone shape and tape for small gifts or sweet treats,
  • Paper towel rolls are great for putting in small candies and toys. Insert your items, tape the top and bottom and wrap it to look like a Christmas cracker.

Decorating the gift

Once its wrapped its time to go crazy on decorating! Raid your craft cupboards for leftover trims and start heating up that glue gun. Inexpensive trims can easily be found at thrift stores and dollar stores. Here are some quick and easy ideas:

  • Craft paper cutouts are quick and easy to do and something children can help with. Cut out trees, bells, stars, angels, ornaments for Christmas and glue to your gift package. For birthdays cut out balloons, candles, cakes. Easter can be colored egg shapes, bunnies and chicks. I am sure you get the idea, now let your imagination run wild.
  • Stencils allow you to add your own touch. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and custom stencils can be purchased to create your own personal message or design. They look stunning on plain brown or white paper.
  • Use up your bits of lace, ribbon, seam binding and any other fabric trims to glue on to your package.
  • Glitter glue can be added to wrap to make designs or write out a message.
  • Fabric paint and lace or ribbon trims add a great touch to your special occasion pillowcase sack.
  • Scour thrift stores for buttons or cut off buttons from shirts or blouses that no longer fit or are damaged. Button lovers will enjoy a package decorated with unique and colorful buttons. Attach with a glue gun, a little dab will do ya!
  • Silk flowers from a thrift store find or ones you have around the house make a stunning display just using buds or the whole stem glued to the package.
  • A live twig from a fir or cedar tree glued to your package makes a realistic looking Christmas tree. Decorate the tree with sequins, glitter and fabric trim.
  • Sprigs of rosemary or any evergreen tied with a ribbon and glued to your package, make a lovely, lightly scented trim.
  • Fun stickers are a great for decorating packages, they come in a variety of themes, shapes and sizes. Animals, insects, dinosaurs, sports and special occasion stickers and are customizable or create your design at our workshop.
  • Put ribbon or string on your package, cut out colorful small triangles and glue it to the ribbon or string so it looks like flags.
  • Felt scraps from your craft box are excellent for cutting into shapes.
  • For a cute bottle idea make a cone shape out of felt or fabric add a pom pom to it for a nose and some cotton batting for a beard for a cute gnome decoration.

Use your imagination, crafts and scraps from home, maybe a little help from the internet and you can create a unique and amazing custom gift.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution” ~ Albert Einstein

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