Hosting a Baby Shower – Planning

Who Should Host The Baby Shower?

Typically it is hosted by a mother, sister, aunt, close friend or other family member.

Don’t step on the toes of the awaiting grandma to be!

Most often the mom or mom in law of the expectant mother are chomping at the bit to throw a shower. Discuss it with other family members and come to a clear decision as to who will be hosting and where, this way feelings won’t get hurt.

Once the person hosting and location are decided, planning can go from there.

In a work environment, it is perfectly acceptable to host a shower for your expectant co worker and just invite fellow co workers.

One person can host it or it can be done involving the whole group. This will help to spread out the work and expenses.

Planning is key, everyone needs to be on the same page with food, decorations, date and time.

If you have a supportive boss , he/she may let you host the event at work. Perhaps after work or maybe a few hours in the afternoon. If not, someone located centrally to the other workers could host it.

Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do is make a list of people you are inviting. You will need a proper head count in order to be able to prepare enough food and better plan seating and activities.

Get a notepad or notebook and make a to do list. Cross off things as they are done and make notes of things you still have to do.

Make lists for:

  • Guests – how many, people that have responded
  • Food – what types of food to make, foods to avoid, for guests with allergies
  • Beverages – make a list of beverages you will be serving i.e. coffee, tea, water, ice tea etc.
  • Games – what types of games and what supplies you need to play them, i.e. pencils, paper, paper clips etc.
  • Seating – estimate how many guests you will be able to seat. If you don’t have enough seating for the invited guests you may have to borrow some folding chairs .
  • Gifts – ask guests to bring gender appropriate gifts if you know the sex or neutral if you don’t
  • Thank You – be sure to have your thank you cards bought. This way you can have the envelopes and pens set out and have guests address the envelopes with their name and address on it. It saves a lot of time searching for addresses when you are ready to write up the thank you cards .


Invitations are a must! This way invited guests will have a reminder of when and where to attend. Always request that your guests RSVP, so you can get an accurate count of guests. also ask your guests to let you know if they have any food allergies.

Invitations don’t need to be costly. You can buy them in packages for a reasonable price at card shops or drug stores. Most dollar stores now carry a good selection as well. If you have a computer, printer and print program and like to create, then make your own.

Printed invitations are of course old school! If you want to make it easier and less expensive, do up a text or email and forward to all the guests you are inviting, still require an RSVP

If you are a Facebook user, they allow you to create an “event” into which you can add all the details. These can be set up as a “private” event and only those invited will see the post.

Include all pertinent information:

  • Place – the address of where the shower will be held and be sure to include directions if necessary
  • Date & Time – Saturday or Sunday afternoons are a popular choice as most guest are free on weekends or will make time on a weekend to attend. Early afternoon is also best, it will give you time to serve your food ,open gifts and play some games before guests head home
  • Who the shower is for, names of the mother and father, for baby, or gender specific if you know if it will be a girl or boy
  • Include if you want gifts, gift cards or no gifts. Wrapped or not wrapped gifts
  • Send your invitations out 3-4 weeks before the event. If you send them out too far ahead people tend to forget, too close to the event and people may have already made other plans

What’s Next

You now have a guest list and invitations , time to get ready! Refine your lists. Make solid plans for food and games.

Your shower should last about 3 hours. This allows time for food, playing a few games and gift opening.

You don’t have to tackle the project on your own, enlist the help of family and friends. Brainstorming always results in new, creative ideas.

Creativity is contagious!

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