Halloween – Safety Tips

Halloween can be a scary night in more ways than one. Children are frightened of the witches and monsters prowling the neighborhood. Parents are frightened by the thought of their children going out in the dark neighborhood.

If you are not able to organize an at home Halloween event for your children establish firm ground rules before sending them out. There are many hazards to consider such as , fireworks, strangers, tripping, tainted candy and vehicles when crossing streets.

General Safety:

  • Remind your children of all the “stranger danger” rules.
  • If you are not accompanying your child have them go out with at least two other friends.
  • Try to send children out while there is still some light out. It doesn’t have to be dark to go trick or treating.
  • Give them a flashlight to take along.
  • Use a white bag or pillowcase with reflective tape attached for gathering treats,
  • Have them take their cell phone if they have one. This way you can keep track of them and they can call you if needed.
  • Have them use the sidewalks whenever possible. Where there are no sidewalks advise your children to always walk on the shoulder facing traffic.
  • Plan your routes to go up one side and down the other side of the street rather than crisscrossing the street.
  • Discuss in advance the route and streets they will be going on and to advise you of any changes.
  • Set a curfew so you know when to expect them home.
  • Tell your children not to eat treats until they get home and get them checked. This is especially important for children with allergies.
  • Remind children never to go inside a strangers house.

Costume safety:

  • Wear light colored clothing.
  • Attach reflective strips to arms and backs of costumes.
  • All costumes and accessories should be fire resistant.
  • Long costumes should end above the ankle to avoid tripping.
  • Use face makeup instead of masks. Masks can impair vision and become hot and clammy.
  • Avoid high heels and over size shoes to prevent falls.
  • Make sure they are dressed for the weather. Layer clothing for warmth.

Safety tips for home owners:

  • Consider using a battery powered candle or coil lighting for your jack o lantern. Lit, unattended candles can be a fire hazard.
  • Keep sidewalks and steps clear of leaves and debris.
  • Place solar lights along walkways.
  • Turn your outside lights on.
  • Do not overload your extension cords and electrical circuits with Halloween decorations.

The noise from fireworks and unfamiliar people in the neighborhood can be very stressful for pets. Keep pets safe indoors. If they need to go out to do their business put them on a leash. This way if they are startled they can’t bolt and you can bring them safely back indoors.

If you have to drive on Halloween night use extra caution. Children get excited nd may not always be careful when crossing the street. Drive the speed limit or less and be aware that children may just dart out in front of you.

Fireworks should be set by adults only. Choose an area away from out buildings and keep your pets indoors when using fireworks.

“Sticky fingers,

Tired feet;

One last house,

Trick or Treat!”

~ Rusty Fischer

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