Halloween Crafts for Kids

Children love to decorate and get into the feeling of the season. They are even more motivated by contributing to the decorations with things they handcrafted. It doesn’t need to be expensive or a masterpiece it just needs to be fun and creative and give them a sense of accomplishment.

As with most of my blogs I encourage you to use things about the house for making crafts and decorations. You would be amazed by the treasures you have. Leftover paper plates from a party make the perfect canvas for young artists. Scraps of felt and cardstock can be turned into creative cut outs. Pipe cleaners from previous crafts can be turned into legs for bugs and monsters. Popsicle sticks have a whole craft cult of their own!

When crafting with young children be sure to use washable non toxic paints and felt pens. It is a good idea to cover your workspace with an old sheet or plastic tablecloth. Keep sharp objects, scissors and knives away from small children who are not able to use them safely. Pick a time for crafting when there is no stress on anyone. You won’t want to do it just before a mealtime or just before bedtime when it might be too hard for them to settle down and get some sleep.

The most important part of doing Halloween crafts with your child is the quality time you spend together. Make it simple so no one stresses out over fine details and ruins the quality time.

Be sure to encourage their ideas and have their handiwork on display when they are done.

Here are some quick, inexpensive and effortless ideas:

  • Ghost Gobblers – Buy a bag of lollipops. Cut small pieces of white fabric from a thrift store find, an old sheet or pillowcase, making it just big enough to drape over the lollipop. Tie a bow out of a small piece of black ribbon around the top of the stick where it meets the candy. Glue on small bits of black felt for eyes and mouth and there you have some ghosts to be gobbled up! For a table decoration poke holes in a pumpkin with an awl or round screwdriver and adorn the whole thing with Ghost Gobblers.
  • “Handy” Spiders – Have your child trace their hand onto black cardstock, cut out. Cut a circle out of black felt or cardboard and glue a hand to each side of the circle, add some googly craft store eyes or cut some out of white felt and they now have their own personal “Handy” Spider. Better yet make a bunch to decorate the table.
  • Paper Roll Monsters – You can use either paper towel or toilet paper rolls depending on the size you want. The rolls can be painted or simply glue some cardstock around it in the color of your choice. Green of course is the popular color for frightening monsters! The child can draw on faces with felt pens or crayons or cut out eyes, noses and mouths from felt, cardstock or magazines. Hair can be made out of strips or a band of cardstock cut to resemble hair and glued to the top. You can also use bits of moss glued around the edge, wool or cotton batting will also create a great unkempt hairdo. You can add a paper hat, arms, legs, buttons, glues sticks will work fine for these.
  • Gourd Monsters – Gourds have the perfect ugly, bumpy warts to create a monster or just a witches face. Glue on eyes and other body parts. Pipe cleaners stuck into the flesh of the gourd can be arms and legs. For a witch use a roundish or oval as this will be the witches face add eyes, glue on a pointy nose and cut out a black pointy hat and glue it on the top. These are good indoor or outdoor decorations.
  • Pumpkin Mats – Cut pumpkins out of felt for coasters or placement, personalize them with fabric or puff paint. Use them for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Wizard Wands – Go stick hunting in your yard. Find a perfect stick, it should have some crooks and knobs for character. Paint the entire stick any color, but of course gold and silver are the colors of choice. Before the stick is completely dry sprinkle it all over with glitter. It will work fine as it as or you can cut out a bright yellow star from cardstock to glue to the end of the stick. Let dry and let the magic begin!
  • Bats by The Dozens – Spray paint an egg carton black. Cut the individual cups out the egg carton and add googly eyes or cut out your own. Draw two jagged style wings and cut out of black cardstock, glue to the side of the cup for wings. Attach string to make them hang or set across your fall table.
  • Funny Faces – Lids from the tops of jars and paper plates from a past party make excellent backdrops for funny or monster faces. Just add facial features, hair, mustaches, bow ties and long tongues out of cardstock or felt. Use puffy paint for that 3d effect on eyes, noses, eyebrows and mouths. In preparation for crafting day you can be collecting your lids from tops of bottles and jars, all size and store them in a zip lock bag until ready to use.
  • Box Buddies – Cereal boxes and juice cartons make the perfect monster that is able to stand on his own. Cover the box with cardstock or colored paper and decorate!

“Love is a well stocked craft room!” ~ Unknown

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