Halloween Costumes DIY

Store bought costumes are pricy! Spending money on costumes isn’t always an option if you have growing children. Consider Halloween costumes that you can make right at home.

If your going to an adult costume party I have some simple solutions for you too. You are going to find some simple, less expensive alternatives to spending a lot of money.

Homemade Halloween costumes are fun and easy to make and they are original. The chances are that no one will be wearing the exact same costume!

You will just need to go through your closets and craft rooms to discover all of the hidden treasures.

After you have finished making your Halloween costume, don’t forget to accessorize! Check out the toy box, thrift stores or look for dollar store finds.

Add some glasses, wigs, plastic swords and knives and whatever else suits your costumes. With a little imagination and creativity, these Halloween costumes are all possible to make at home. The best thing is that they are easy and affordable.

Ideas For Halloween Costumes

Black Cat – This is simple and straight forward. All you need is a black top and black leggings. Glue some black cardstock ears on to a black headband. Add a triangle of pink cardstock or felt to the inside of each ear. Make a tail by stuffing a long black sock with crumpled paper or tissue and pin it to the back of your outfit.

Farmer – An old pair of coveralls and a plaid shirt are the basics for this outfit. Add a straw hat, rubber boots, bandana, or a handkerchief to hang out of the back pocket.

Happy Pumpkin – Use an orange dress or shirt and cut out happy face features out of black felt for the eyes and for the mouth. Next, glue them to the front of the outfit. Finally, you can add a green hat or toque to complete your look.

Remember to accessorize your Halloween costumes !

Rock Star – This one lets your imagination go wild and for this one the wilder it is the better it is!

Glitter tops, patterned pants, leather boots, leggings or gowns will all work great. Mix and match patterns and colors, top with large sunglasses and a wig or a hat. Be a rock star!

Ghost costumes are one of the simplest costumes to make!

Snow White – as lovely as she was she wore a very simple outfit. She wasn’t all about the glam and wore a simple blue dress.

Add a yellow apron and pin a large red bow in your hair or wear a black cropped wig.

Queen Of Hearts – This is a super simple Queen of Hearts costume! All you need for this one is a red dress, it can be long or short and an old deck of cards. Glue the edges of the cards together, long ways to create a “fan” effect. It can be worn around the neck as a collar.

Alternatively you can hole punch the two end cards and add string, wear it around your neck or glue it to the front of the dress. For a headpiece you can use an old head band and glue on the cards or use cardstock hearts.

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Go through your closets!

Men In Black – This is classic, you will need a black suit, white shirt and dark glasses. That’s it!

Hawaiian Tourist – If you don’t already have one of those colorful, floral Hawaiian shirts they can be readily found quite inexpensively at thrift shops or borrow one from a friend. Just add a few leis, or make your own with some twists of colorful plastic bags strips tied to a string or purchase them at the dollar store or thrift store, a touristy straw hat and sunglasses. Ladies can accessorize with a straw bag and sandals.

Mary Poppins – This outfit just needs some conservative clothing and a large umbrella. A blazer, dark colored skirt, leggings and frumpy hat.

Hot Dog – The hot dig requires three colors of poster board. Cut a brown oval to glue to the front of a solid color beige shirt or dress. Add long zig zag strips of red and yellow for catsup and mustard.

Nice and easy does it every time!

Peter Pan – This only needs a green shirt, green leggings and a piece of green felt to make a beanie hat.

Soldier – A soldiers costume is very quick and easy to make. And it is also it is very effective. Face paint with brown, black or red to be realistic. Look for green, beige or camouflaged shirts and pants and black or brown boots. Add a plastic hard hat painted green. By adding some plastic rifles, guns and grenades, you can get a realistic soldier look.

Jedi – Use a white sheet or shirt for the top. Just cut off the collar for tunic style. Add white boots, black belt and a Jedi sword.

50 Shades of Grey – Gather paint swatches from your hardware store of different shades of grey. Next hot glue them to a solid grey shirt and pants. How cute is that?

I suggest that you google some of your favorite characters, super heroes and villains and you will be sure to find a look that is just right for you.

Look at what they are wearing and then see if you can duplicate it with things from your closet and craft room. Just use your imagination!

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.

You Imagine what you desire.

You will what you imagine.

And at last, you create what you will”

~ George Bernard Shaw

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