Halloween Block Party

The pandemic has been a most challenging time. Consider having a Halloween block party that is safe and well planned. Of course we need to keep safe and practice wise pandemic measures. The pandemic is certainly infringing on all of our social events and long time traditions. Halloween is no exception. Homeowners are not comfortable having hoards of children coming to their door and parents are not comfortable having their children go to a strangers home. Nonetheless, certainly doesn’t have to be a complete wash. With a little creativity and planning you can still have a fun, safe Halloween with a Halloween block party.

Create a fun atmosphere for your block party with simple decorating.

Halloween Block Party Ideas

Here is a unique idea for children and parents in your neighborhood.

In this day and age gazebos and pop up tents are something the majority of us have and can put to good use at this time of year. Just follow these easy steps for a memorable Halloween. Rain or shine!

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How To Get Started On Your Block Party

  • Get together with neighbors and choose someone’s yard that is large. Be sure it has easy street access to make it safe for children.
  • Gather at least three gazebo pop ups. Set them up much like a carnival atmosphere
  • Decorate the gazebos with any Halloween props you have or make life size ghost figures out of sheets to hang on the ends, witches, skeletons, bats, hang cotton batting spider webs on the inside and cover with plastic spiders.
  • Create a fun atmosphere. Add solar light strings to the tops and sides of the gazebo, have Halloween music playing. There should be at least one adult dressed in a costume in each tent for supervision and one to make sure social distancing is observed in the lineups.

Make it a fun and exciting event

  • Have all parents participate in purchasing the handouts and decorations.
  • Be creative with your decorating, use black bowls or buckets for the treats. Decorate tables with cut outs of bats and spiders. You can also have a lot of pumpkins and gourds sitting on tables or stools, they can be carved or decorated with stickers. Line your gazebos with carved jack o lanterns, use tealights or battery operated lighting for the jack o lanterns for safety. Avoid too many decorations on the ground as they could be tripping hazards.
  • Make sure children are lined up and observing social distancing and parents are wearing gloves and masks when handing out treats.

Use different gazebos for different events

  • The first gazebo will be the welcome gazebo. Use it for decorations, maybe a full size witch or an adult dressed as a witch, add a large black pot for a cauldron, a stuffed black cat and any any other props that are fitting.
  • The second gazebo will be for tricks have the children line up and do a quick song, poem or what have you.
  • The third gazebo is for handing out treats. Treats don’t have to be just candy, handout healthy snacks as well, such as apples, oranges and fruit leather. As well as food treats have Halloween coloring sheets, dot to dots or word find sheets for children to take home. These are readily available for free on line.
  • Of course you can add as many gazebos and other safe activities as you like. You could have a story telling gazebo where an adult would tell a tall Halloween tale or have a sing a long.

Using your imagination you can easily add to these basic ideas. You will know the neighbors involved so you can be sure the handouts are safe. Discuss what food allergies some children may have before the event so you can avoid those items.

It doesn’t have to be a dull stay at home night. Make the night come alive with lights, music and treats. Make it a fun time for children and adults to get together safely for a howling night of fun!

Happy Halloween Wishes

Have a SPOOKTACULAR time!!

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