Feeling Blue? Stay Positive !

Feeling blue isn’t uncommon, it’s a natural emotion.

A temporary feeling of sadness comes over you.

It can leave you feeling irritable, agitated, miserable, tired and unmotivated.

You feel like a dark cloud is hanging over your head.

An empty feeling overpowers you and you feel listless and alone!

You just don’t want to do anything! Well, stay positive, cheer up and read on!

The blues will pass in a relatively short period of time and your life will get back to normal.

If you let it! Yes, this time its all about you!

First lets look at some of the causes of feeling blue.

Why am I feeling blue?

The negatives

The blues can be caused by loss. Perhaps the loss of a friend, a pet or a loved one. The loss doesn’t have to mean they have died. Heavens no! It could just be that they have moved away and you are sad and missing them.

Feeling blue can also be related to work. Maybe a loss of a position, a new boss or a cut in hours or wages. This can cause you to feel sad and anxious.

It can just as well be caused by a change in the season. Summer is a highly active season for most of us. Bringing with it lots of fun in the sun. Planning picnics, barbeques and camping. But wait! Then comes fall. That means shorter days with cloud, rain and snow. This can make us feel sad and glum.

Many times feeling blue can just be because there has been a change in your routine. The kids have gone back to school and your daily routine has now changed.

It is important to know the cause of your sadness and try to come to terms with it. Start by looking for the positive to all the negatives in the situation.

The positives

Always look for the positives in your negatives!

The kids have gone back to school, now you have more time to bake, or knit or pamper yourself!

Summer is over so now you can get back to doing your crafts. Plan family dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get caught up on your reading.

Your friend has left town but think of planning a get together with them. Or give them a call!

Understanding feeling blue

Remember that you and only you are in control of your emotions. You are the one that sets the mood for your day. If you wake up and think , ugh I have to get up. Turn that into, I am going to get up and have a nice cup of coffee and read the paper! You create your own happiness and your own sadness. Put a positive spin on your morning thoughts.

Feeling blue is not to be confused with depression!

Keep in mind that the blues are not depression. Depression is a much more deep rooted condition. You can’t always pinpoint its cause. It is just a constant feeling of sadness and darkness. While the blues are a temporary more manageable condition.

Many people suffer from chronic depression. If you suffer from depression you should seek the advice of your physician.

Advice on overcoming the blues

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Always keep moving forward. Don’t waste your time on what could have been, what might have been or what you could have done. Instead think of what is, what can be and what you are doing.

You can improve your future but you can’t undo your past. Learn from mistakes and bad choices and move on.

The key to living is moving forward, always. Whether they are large steps or baby steps. Either one step at a time or giant leaps, go for it.

Just don’t get stuck dwelling in the past as you will only move backwards and dwell on negative thoughts.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

~ Martin Luther King

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