Custom T Shirts

We can all go to a retailer and buy a pre-made run of the mill t-shirt. One that has been mass produced by the thousands.

What’s the challenge in that ?

Why not create one for yourself or for someone special in your life?

Custom t shirts allow you to pick your design, colors and add your own photo and text.

Choose your design

How about one for dog lovers, cat lovers, co workers, car lovers, team logos …. if you think it we can print it!

Your design can be as complicated or as simple as you like. These make great unique gifts for children and adults. An easy solution when grandma and grandpa don’t know what to buy.

Have them personalised with names, phrases or photos.

How to get the right fit for your custom t shirts

1) Lay a t-shirt on a flat surface.
2) Measure the chest area, just under the armpit from side to side find the shirt’s width
3) Then measure the length from top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt to find the length
4) After taking your measurements, match them to the closest sizes in the chart.

How to gift wrap a shirt

The easiest way of course is to buy a gift box. Since you have just spent all that energy into designing the shirt don’t let your creativity stop now! Custom t shirts deserve custom gift wrapping!

Be as creative as the gift when it comes to wrapping.

Build a custom t shirt
  • Roll up tightly and put in a paper towel tube
  • Use a brown grocery bag and decorate with stencils or stickers
  • Add to the wrap some leftover craft materials , fabric, glitter, material
  • Put it in clean, size appropriate coffee tins, jars or other type cans
  • Wrap it in tissue paper, then wrap in newspaper
  • Simple tissue paper tied with colorful ribbons also works
  • Use wallpaper from an old project

Just use your imagination…..have a look around the house and let your creative juices flow!

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