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Coffee is the 2nd largest trading commodity in the world ranking second only to petroleum ! It is said to have originated in Ethiopia in the ninth century. One day a goat herder, named Kaldi observed his goats eating berries from a tree. Something very strange happened to them after eating the berries! Suddenly the goats became excited, energetic and needed less sleep.

Amazed by what he had seen he went back to the monastery and told his tale to the other monks. Because of the goat’s reaction to the berries Kaldi thought that perhaps the berries could benefit him too.

You see, Kaldi had a hard time trying to stay awake during the evening prayer. This might just be the solution to his problem.

Kaldi gathered some of the berries. He then decided to render them into something he could ingest. In the hopes of harnessing some of this energy for himself, he picked a basket of the berries. Taking them back home he set about his task. He then eagerly threw the berries into his fire.

Eventually, a flavorful rich aroma was wafting through the air wafting through the air. It was that tantalizing aroma of roasted coffee beans.

Legend has it that Kaldi hastily raked the beans from the embers. He then ground them up and added them to a cup of water. As it turns out, Kaldi had made the world’s first cup of coffee!

He shared his creation with the other monks and it kept them awake for hours of evening prayer. The word spread quickly far and wide and so did the popularity of the beverage we now know as “coffee”!

Coffee Today

Luckily we don’t have to throw beans into the fire to make our first cup of coffee in the morning. Can you imagine having to wait for it to be boiled or roasted before you head off to work?

We have the luxury of using our Keurig, Tassimo or coffee press. Voila, coffee is ready!

And if we don’t get out of bed in time to brew a cup, no problem. We can stop at a café or drive thru on the way to work and order up a cup!

It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world daily.

Hmm, how many beans would have to be roasted over the fire to make 2.5 billion cups?

Could someone get me a calculator !

“Coffee is a language in itself!” ~ Jackie Chan

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