Creeektee Cafe – A Brief History Of Coffee

Coffee is the 2nd largest trading commodity ranking second only to petroleum !

It is said to have originated in Ethopia in the ninth century. A goat herder named Kaldi observed his goats eating berries from a tree. He noticed that his goats became excited , energetic and needed less sleep.

Kaldi reported this to a monk at a nearby monastery who thought these berries might somehow help him stay awake for the evening prayer. The monk gathered some berries and thought that perhaps he could rendered them into something he could ingest. He decided he would try to dry the berries and then boil them.

The monk eagerly threw the berries into his fire and of course wafting through the air came that tantalising aroma of what we know refer to as “roasted coffee”.

Legend has it that the monk hastily raked the beans from the embers, ground them up and made the world’s first cup of coffee. He shared his creation with the other monks and it kept them awake for hours of evening prayer. The word spread quickly far and wide and so did the beverage we now know as “coffee”

Fact or Fiction??

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