Christmas is a holiday on the 25th of December each year. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Both Christians and non Christians alike celebrate this holiday. The name is a combination of the words Christ and Mass meaning the holy mass (supper, celebration).

It All Began With The Birth Of Christ

Mary was a young woman from Nazareth and she was a engaged to a man named Joseph. Although she was a virgin, with child! The angel Gabriel assured Joseph that this was by divine intervention. Mary was carrying God’s child.

An imperial command decreed that all individuals return to their home towns. Thus, Mary and Joseph set out on their journey home. The couple arrived in Bethlehem weary and tired. However, when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem there was no room at the inn.

Because Mary was with child, they were kindly offered shelter in a stable.

Mary’s child, and the son of God, Jesus Christ was born that night in the stable in Bethlehem. The angels proclaimed the word of the birth to the shepherds, who in turn spread the word across the land. Wise men came bearing gifts. Angels heralded from above.

Although no date can be given for his actual birth. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus was on December 25th.


When Oliver Cromwell took over England in 1645 he actually cancelled Christmas! As a Puritan he had no tolerance for Catholics or Quakers.

Obviously, he had a lot in common with the Grinch!

Luckily when Charles II returned to the throne he also brought back Christmas, however it was not recognized as a holiday in America from 1659 to 1681. When Christmas was reinstated it wasn’t declared a federal holiday until the year 1870.

Boston actually fined people five shillings if they showed signs of having the Christmas spirit.

Bah ! Humbug! Imagine a world without Christmas !

That special time of year when we are kinder, more tolerant and more thoughtful of others.

The time that we gather with families and friends.

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens was a British novelist. He wrote a book called A Christmas Carol. The book was published on December 19,1843 and it sold out by Christmas Eve.

Dickens wrote the book in just about six weeks He hoped that it would help to open the hearts of those more prosperous. And that they then would help those that were less fortunate than themselves.

He had empathy for the needy.

His family having had to endure the debtor’s prison.

The book reinforced the message of the spirit of Christmas and of charity and goodwill towards men.

The story had gone through thirteen printings by 1844!

It continues to be a top seller over 175 years later.

The book became a source for holiday specials and movies, cartoons and television as well as ballet and opera. It truly is a classic.

Mark Twain’s review of the book was far from flattering:

“There is no feeling, it is nothing but glittering frostwork”.

Imagine that!!

The Christmas Season

The season tends to be less about Christianity and more about the rekindling of friendships and visits from relatives, home baking, turkey, carols and of course the gift giving.

Shoppers flock to the malls and department stores. They are all on the hunt for that perfect gift!

Retailers stock their shelves with colorful wrapping, cards, gift items and special baked goods. All of which are sure to attract the shoppers.

They extend their store hours in order to accommodate the masses of shoppers. e children. It is a hectic time for storekeepers and for shoppers.

Christmas presents and decorations are bought amidst the bustle of the season and Christmas trees are carefully chosen. The trees are brought home to be decorated with Christmas balls, garland and tinsel.

We plan dinners and get togethers and our kitchens start to take on the scent of the season.

The Christmas season heightens all of our senses and tends to fill our hearts with more love, kindness and compassion!

It truly is a captive market and a multi million dollar retail event.

Get a Christmas bumper sticker!

I hope amidst all the shiny paper and ribbons and bows that we all find the true spirit of Christmas within us.

That we reach out to those less fortunate.

That we remember to be kind and thoughtful.

And that yes, it truly is better to give than to receive.

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“Christmas isn’t a season. Its a feeling” ~ Edna Ferber

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