Christmas Stencils Ideas & Tips

Well, its time to start thinking about, you guessed it, Christmas!! If you enjoy crafting and in particular stenciling, I have compiled some ideas, tips and tricks for Christmas stencils. Stencils are fun and easy and you don’t need to have refined artistic skills to create a professional looking project.

While you can buy pre made stencils, why not have a custom stencil made? It allows your creations to be original and personalized. Whether its a gift or a personal project, you can design it exactly as you have envisioned it with a custom stencil. Stencils add personal touches as well as texture and color to your craft projects.

You can use stencils on any surface that is paintable,

Some tips for using Christmas Stencils:

  • To hold your work in place while you are working use masking tape. It will hold your work in place without damaging the surface, and it is easy to remove.
  • A spray adhesive can also be used to hold your work in place. There are several types available specifically made for craft projects. Spray it on the surface of your stencil and then press it on over your work project. Be sure to spray it on the stencil in a well ventilated area and spray it over newspaper or an old cloth. This will avoid sticky surfaces on your furniture. When you remove your stencil, wipe it clean before setting it down to avoid sticking it on other surfaces.

  • After you have placed your stencil on your work surface, you can apply a thin layer of mod podge before you apply your paint. This will help to seal small areas between your stencil and your project. As well as creating a seal to prevent paint from bleeding through. It creates a slightly raised design. Mod podge dries clear and is ready to paint over.
  • Be sure to wipe clean your stencils after use, this will allow you to use them over again without having to scrape off old paint.
  • When using liquid paints it is easier to dab or brush them on from a pallet rather than straight out of the bottle. This gives you better control over how much paint you are applying to your project. If you don’t have a painting palette a paper plate will work equally as well.
  • If after removing your stencil you see bits where the paint didn’t go, use a toothpick dipped in a small amount of your paint color for doing touch ups.

Tips for painting your Christmas Stencils

Applying paint to your stencil can be done with a sponge, small paint brushes or spray paint, depending on the size of your project.

The most important thing to be careful of when stenciling is how much paint you apply at one time. Less is more! You can always give it a second coat. A heavy coat of paint will probably seep through beneath the stencil and cause bleeding of the paint into areas that you don’t want it. Dab it lightly with just a small amount of color on your sponge or brush. Re-coat as necessary.

When stenciling on wood be sure you have a smooth surface. Sand the wood lightly so your paint applies smoothly and gets into small crevices on the wood. Wipe the surface of the wood well after sanding.

Fabric paint can be used with your stencil on shirts, aprons , towels and pillowcases.

Acrylic craft paint is perfect for most projects. It is available in a wide range of colors and can be used on paper projects as well as wood.

Distress ink is a water based dye, creating an almost “grunge” look when applied, it is available at most craft stores, department stores or online. It is easily applied by dabbing it onto your stencil.

Paint pens are perfect for small lettering projects.

Creektee can design your custom stencil in 4, 6 or 10 ml Mylar

You don’t need to buy an artist sponge to sponge on paint. Any household sponge will work. Make up sponges are excellent for smaller projects. They are economical and are available at dollar stores or there are many online sources. A sponge roller, available at craft and dollar stores can be used for larger projects.

For paper projects such as cards or posters you don’t have to stick with paint! Use pencils, pencil crayons, crayon markers, glitter pens, gel pens or felts.

Can’t wait for the paint to dry? Use a hair dryer to speed up the process!

What can you make using Christmas Stencils?

Greeting cards and invitations are fun to do and can be customized to suit your needs. After you have stenciled on and painted your design you can lightly sprinkle on some glitter while the paint is still tacky. For a shimmering card, outline your main design with a glitter pen.

Add a 3d look to your finished project by using a fine glue pen and adding sequins and baubles to embellish Christmas trees and stars. Tweezers work well to position your baubles onto the glue.

Totes provide a good canvas for stenciling. Use solid color totes and stencil with Christmas designs for shopping. Personalize one to give as a gift. Perhaps you know a cat or dog lover. Have a custom stencil made from a photo of their pet and stencil it onto a tote .

Canvas art these gems are great for messages and Christmas art. They are just a plain canvas, available in several sizes. Stencil on your favorite sayings, using the techniques above. Here again you can add finishing touches to your stenciled work by outlining it with glitter pens or gluing on sequins, baubles, beads and ribbon. Small dabs of hot glue work well on canvas art.

Christmas presents wrapped in plain brown or white paper are the perfect background for Christmas stencils as well as the best way to personalize a gift. After all special gifts need a special wrap! Have a custom stencil made of something that is special to the person you are giving the gift to. Embellish the gift with live evergreens, ribbons, buttons or baubles.

Wood signs are great for indoors or out. Make them in any size. Add a hanger to the back for hanging. use a picture frame to stand it up or just let it be free standing! Stencil them with Christmas designs or just text, i.e. ‘Let It Snow’ or ‘Here Comes Santa!’ or personalize it with your name, ‘The Brown Family’.

The only limitation is your imagination!

If you can imagine it, you can have it made into a stencil! For yourself, friends, co workers or family. Personalized gifts are always that much more special.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

~Albert Einstein

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