Christmas Gifts For Teens

I have always found young children to be the the easiest to buy Christmas gifts for. They are easy to please and are happy with most any gift that is wrapped with pretty paper and bows. They love toys, chocolates, little bags of coins, coloring books and even new pajamas! Teenagers however, are a whole different story. While the most popular gift these days are gift cards, I am still old school. A present! I want to wrap a gift, not put money or a gift card in an envelope. So I have put together some Christmas gift ideas for teens to help get you motivated.

Christmas Gifts For Teens – Boys

T shirts make a great gift for teen boys. Considering most of their wardrobe consists of them!

Most teen boys are involved in some kind of sport and of course all boys are interested in cars. Lets work along these lines first:

  • T shirts with sports or car motifs on them, buy them pre made or have them customized.
  • Buy a new football, baseball, soccer ball etc. Maybe its time for a new baseball bat or a pair of skis.
  • Sports socks, these are always in demand for soccer and baseball players.
  • Key chain, get a personalized key chain or one with a picture of their favorite vehicle on it.
  • Water bottles, these are vey popular with young adults and they can be personalized as well.
  • Seat covers for their car. Find a trendy set of seat covers or a set that compliments the colors of their vehicle.
  • Books on sports, cars or their favorite hobbies. Books never go out of style! Find their niche and buy a book!
  • Starter tool kits for working on projects that they are interested in. I am a firm believer that all young men should have their own tool kit. Try to fix it yourself before asking your dad!
  • Ball caps or toques. Ball caps for casual wear and toques for skiing and winterwear are always in fashion.
  • Decals and bumper stickers. Trendy decals to spruce up their room or bumper stickers with popular or funny sayings for their vehicle.

Don’t stress over gifts!

Well there you have a few ideas for boys, hopefully there is at least one that will give you some inspiration!

Remember, that while we want people to like our gift ideas, we can’t please everyone. If you think you have chosen an appropriate gift, be happy with that. If you are confident about it , its probably just fine! There will always be those teens and adults, that will always feel jilted!

Lastly, if you are really unsure then go the other route. UGH!! Gift cards or cash!!

Christmas Gifts For Teens – Girls

Teen girls have a variety of interests. Boys are usually number one, but I don’t recommend one as a gift!! They are usually interested in makeup, crafts, clothes, personal bath and beauty to name a few.

Here are a few ideas for girls

  • T shirts, as with boys, girls love t shirts! Choose one that is just right or better yet, have one customized!
  • Makeup kits. There are dozens of them on the market and they come in all price ranges and color palettes.
  • Totes and purses are great for carrying all of their important items.
  • Some cool socks. Girls socks come in all sorts of colors, patterns and designs and they are something that all girls will all wear at some point.
  • Scarves and gloves. Scarves are an ever popular fashion accessory and a they are a must have for the fall wardrobe! Gloves can be found in all types of material and colors and they are priced for any budget!
  • Nail polish kits come in sets that are simple to elaborate. Nail art kits come with instructions to create your own designs. And of course there are the ever popular glitter sets to add that glam!
  • Makeup bags come in plain all the way to fancy, with fur and glitter trim.
  • Books on hair, makeup and nail design are popular with the up and coming divas. Or for the crafters, there are books on all types of crafts imaginable.
  • Water bottles are the “in” thing to carry. Again these come in all kinds of designs and colors.
  • Bath sets of soaps, bubble bath and lotions.
  • Anything with their name on it! Now I am not sure why, but teen girls love to see their name in print!! Create a personalized, custom design.

Christmas gifts should be fun!!

Buying Christmas gifts should be fun and affordable. Don’t make the mistake of over thinking your gifts. They don’t have to be traditional, they just have to have some meaning to you and the person you are buying the gift for!

“Cheer Up, dude. It’s Christmas.”

~ The Grinch

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