Canada Day

Canada Day is a statuary holiday celebrated on July 1st every year, it celebrates Canada’s Confederation.

On July 1, 1867 The Provinces of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined together to become one. Originally named Dominion Day, in 1982 it was renamed to become Canada Day.

How do you celebrate Canada Day?

Canada Day is celebrated much the same as the American’s July 4th. It is a national holiday celebrated with picnics and parades. There are many community events as well as private gatherings.

Canadians typically celebrate this day by displaying Canada flags, singing the national anthem, “O Canada” and lots of outdoor celebrations including barbeques and fireworks.

What do you eat on Canada Day?

Well anything “maple” ! They put that sh*t on everything!! maple candies, maple syrup, bacon, burgers, ice cream. If you can eat it you can drizzle it with maple syrup.

Another Canadian favorite is poutine. Poutine is french fries with cheese curds and slathered in gravy. It is quite delicious!

Nanaimo bars are a sweet square with a graham cracker crust, custard filling and a chocolate topping. Nanaimo bars originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Kraft Dinner is also a crazy Canadian favorite…….yup that’s right, pasta in a box…………big time favorite.

Crazy Canadians!

What is the national beverage?

A Sunday morning tradition many Canadians have is drinking a nice tall Caesar. It is reported that the drink was invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 by Walter Chell, a restauranteur.

Not to be confused with the Bloody Mary, which uses tomato juice, the Caesar uses clamato juice


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