Black Cats and Halloween

People often associate the black cat with witchcraft. bad luck and evil. A belief in the In the Middle Age was that witches could transform themselves. Being able turn into into black cats to inflict harm and evil. That belief led to the widespread killing of black cats.

Black cats became known as the familiar or demonic companions of witches.

This resulted in horrific killings of black cats and often their owners as well.

Even going as far as rounding up killing stray black cats.

This instilled a fear of the black cat which is still present today.

And it made them quite undesirable as a pet and companion.

They will forever be among the the ranks of mean, evil and creepy creatures.

They are now a Halloween icon and such a misunderstood feline!

Black Cats Myths and Legends

Many myths and legends surround this poor feline:

  • In Medieval Spain and France that the black cat brought bad luck.
    Putting a curse on those who came near them.
  • In Europe and the United States it was believed that being in the presence of a black cat meant bad luck was on its way.
  • English sailors believed that keeping them happy and fed would grant them fair weather at sea.
  • Dreaming about a black cat means good luck is coming your way.
  • Celtic nations deemed them as sacred.

Superstions galore

  • Scottish lore holds that a black cats arrival at a new home meant prosperity.
  • Welsh lore states the black cat brings good health.
  • Germans believe that if the black cat crosses you right to left it is a bad omen. Crossing left to right is a good omen.
  • The French have the chat d’argent and matagot (magic cat).
    These were black cats who have the power to attract wealth in a house.
  • Pope Gregory IX, in 1232, decreed that the black cat was the incarnation of Satan.
    Because of his influence over his people, many of them believed this.
    It resulted in centuries of fear of the black cat.
  • King Charles I believed his black cat brought him luck.
    Arrested the day after his black cat passed away, he was now without his lucky charm.
    His luck ran out!
  • Ancient Egyptians deemed cats as sacred.
    They had at least one cat in every house and temple.
    Worshipping and protecting them.
    The Egyptians believed in the goddess, Basset ( a goddess with the head of a cat).
  • Japanese women who owned black cats had more suitors.

Making black cat cutouts out of paper is common for Halloween. Crafted to decorate homes and schools and used to decorate many Halloween parties and festivities. Often typically depicted with glowing eyes and arched backs. Deliberately meant to look scary and evil!

Celebrate Your Black Cat

Help to dispel the myths and cherish the cat. Join one of the many groups and organizations have come together to encourage and celebrate the furry little felines.

In honor of the redeeming qualities of black cats, there are several national cat days to celebrate them. The purpose was to to dispel all the myths surrounding them.

National Black Cat Day is just one of them.

National Black Cat Awareness Day is celebrated in the UK.

Drawing attention to the hundreds of of homeless black cats is the purpose of Black Cat Awareness Day.

Celebrate black cats by :

  • Adopting one and giving it a loving home. Everybody needs somebody to love!
  • Treat them with a gift of catnip or seafood. Fill their tummy and their heart!
  • Let them lounge in style.
    Get them a new blanket or bed ! Nothing like a cozy bed and a good cat nap.
  • Post your pictures of it on social media and let everyone know how proud you are!

A perfect wedding gift in the English Midlands is a black cat. Bestowing on the bride luck and happiness.

Black Cats As Pets

Millions of people are happy owners of black cats.

Put aside the color or breed, the majority of all cats are stubborn and single minded. Being related to the tiger and lion, means they must be strong and independent.

Make a commitment to giving them some love, good care and attention and you will be handsomely rewarded. They make good companions and will be loyal for many years.

The black color of their coat they may make them more resistant to disease.

The genetic mutations that cause their coats to be black may offer them some protection from common diseases.

Studies show that black cats are actually calmer and more approachable than other cats. This is contrary to the belief that they are more aggressive

Black Cat Adoptions

Suspending adoptions for black cats is common in October at many shelters.

The reason behind this is that they fear that the cats could be harmed or abandoned on Halloween.

Suspending adoptions is also because there are people that want to use them as props for Halloween parties.

After which they are quickly abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Often with unpleasant outcomes. No longer deemed useful after they have served their purpose.

Black cats are typically less likely to be adopted or purchased as a pet . This often results in a sad ending for the cat.

I see no reason to deliberately harm a cat of any breed or color. Treat all creatures with respect and kindness. Superstitions and myths are just that. They are not based on actual facts. Superstitions are brought to life from a persons perception of facts. Remember that they are just stories people have heard or things they have read. Most often they are taken out of context and exaggerated.

Always look beyond color (a life lesson) in all creatures. Adopt a black cat.

See how purrfectly adorable they can be!

When black cats prowl and pumpkins glean,

May luck be yours on Halloween


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