Bigfoot – Sasquatch

Bigfoot is a creature of folklore said to inhabit forested areas of North America. While his existence has been discounted by many reputable scientists, thousands of people have sworn to have seen this creature.

He has been described as man-like standing 9 feet tall and covered in hair. He is said to have long arms and enormous feet, reported to be as big as 24 inches long. Many have associated a foul odor with the creature, that resembles rotten eggs.

In 1958, Jerry Crew, was working a bulldozer operator for a logging company first reported finding a large set of footprints embedded in the mud. He told his coworkers about his finding and much to his surprise they too had similar stories. The term “bigfoot” was used when relating their stories. Paranoia set in when they discovered a a 450 pound oil drum had been moved without the use of machinery.

They contacted a reporter for the local newspaper, the Humboldt Times and as a result of the stories, the creature was quickly referred to as Bigfoot with anyone discussing the large unknown creature.

In Canada he is also known as Sasquatch originating from a Salish word meaning “wild man”. Sightings are predominantly in the Pacific Northwest, Northwestern United States and western Canada, Its features have an eerie similarity to its Himalayan counterpart, the Abominable Snowman. While one Soviet scientist suggested that the creatures could be traced back to the Neanderthals, most scientists have rejected that theory and in fact the very existence of the creature.

There has never been concrete evidence of its existence. No bone or body fragments have ever been found even though thousands of people have claimed to have seen it over the years. While many have taken pictures of large footprints and vague pictures of the figure, nothing to this day has ever been verified, with most of these sightings and pictures alleged to be a hoax.

So how do we explain over 10,000 eyewitness accounts? Some people even claiming to have heard it make deep guttural sounds like howling, growling and screaming. Is it a trick of the mind when you are out alone in the woods and you hear a twig break or a tree falls for no apparent reason? We quickly turn around and think we see a large Sasquatch lurking behind us or does fiction turn into fact and he really is behind us?

No one has ever claimed to have been harmed by it, so maybe they are just trying to live peacefully on their own. Endlessly walking the woods? What do they eat? Where do they sleep?

Is it a freak of nature or a figment of our imagination?

Seeing is believing ……. have you seen one?

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