Bigfoot Myths and Legends

While Bigfoot is thought to dwell mainly in the Pacific Northwest, there have been numerous sightings around the world. Bigfoot by any other name might still be a Bigfoot!

The term Bigfoot was coined by North Americans because of enormous footprints found around a logging camp in Northern California. He has been described as a huge, hairy half man, half ape like creature. He has huge feet measuring from 16 to 24 inches long and those who have been in his vicinity say he exudes a foul stench.

The name sasquatch came from the Sts’ailes, a First Nations people in southern British Columbia. For some First Nations people it is not seen as a monster but as a guardian of the forest.

Australia has a legendary creature they call the “yowie”. It has characteristics similar to Bigfoot, a tall ape like creature. Claims of sightings are still rumored to this day.

Japan has the “hibagon”, with some characteristics again much like our Bigfoot. It is reported to be a small hairy ape with a foul odor.

China has the “yeren” reported to be a shy creature with reddish fur.

High up in the Himalayan mountains, another close relative is the “Yeti”, a tall ape like creatures with white fur.

There have been many hoaxes, photos and videos of the giant hairy beast. People have actually dressed in gorilla suits and trudged the woodlands, having photo and video taken and published. Their hopes of a claim to fame at spotting the beast are normally put to rest by others catching them in their hoax. Others have made cement and plaster casts of large footprints and embedded them in muddy forest areas, again claiming to have evidence of its existence.

While there is no rock solid scientific proof of Bigfoot, Jane Goodall believed its existence could be possible after years of living among apes. There was also an FBI file opened suggesting a piece of skin with many hairs attached could have been Bigfoot. An investigation was launched and a closed file was started. The file later made public, concluded that the skin was from a deer.

Documentaries on the existence of bigfoot became very popular. He was portrayed by some as a frightening, dangerous creature from the past. On the softer side, the movie Harry and the Hendersons, portrayed him as a friendly beast in need of protection.

Often Bigfoot sightings are right up there with sightings of Elvis or Santa Claus. What you believe you saw and what you actually saw may be entirely different. Walking alone in the woods heightens our senses to sounds and smells. There are many shadows and swaying trees that we may interpret as a creature. In reality it is more than likely our mind playing tricks on us or our imagination gone wild.

Weird Fun Bigfoot facts

  • In 1965 Bigfoot was put on the endangered species list in Russia.
  • Their eyes are reported to glow yellow or red at night.
  • Their smell has been described as similar to a skunk or rotten eggs.
  • A popular belief is that Bigfoot is an offspring of an ape from Asia. Some believe he travelled to North America during the Ice Age.
  • In 1924 a group of prospectors on Mount St, Helens in Washington claimed to have been attacked by a group of ape-like men.
  • Washington Air National guard adopted Bigfoot as their mascot, It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring the skies of North America. Just like its mascot they are rarely seen and heard.

Oh yes, one more weird thing going around about Bigfoot, his farts are causing global warming………..ah yes, no shortage of myths!

“What really matters is what you believe”~Dan Brown

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