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A dog’s basic needs are pretty simple. As a dog owner you are responsible for giving your dog his best life.

He relies on you for all of his creature comforts and since he can’t fend for himself you are his caregiver. If you care for him well you will be handsomely rewarded with his love and obedience

A dog’s basic needs don’t require a lot of material things. But they do require some very important things like:

  • Love
  • Health Care
  • Food & Water
  • Shelter
  • Training

Let’s take a quick look at what these may mean to you and how to provide them.


Love your dog!
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A dog responds like a human. It respects kindness, kind words and kind actions.

The dog has to count on us for its every need. It can’t speak to us to ask for food, water or to go outside to do his biz.

It is your job to be in tune with the dog and understand it’s gestures and looks. Give him praise for good behavior.

Give him petting and give him hugs. They need lots and lots of loving !

Your dog will reward you by trying his best to please you.

Love, Love, Love Your Dog!

Key to a dog’s basic need is Health Care

There are many diseases that your dog can contract. Your best medicine is prevention. Regular check ups at the vet, making sure that he has all his shots and that booster shots are up to date. The money spent on shots is nothing compared to the expense of caring for and treating a sick dog. Have your dog spayed or neutered!

Healthy pets lead long, happy lives!


Crazy dog lady ...I'm sure you all know one!
Crazy Dog Lady
We either all know one or are one!

While we are all tempted to give our dog table food, this is not good for the dog. There are many human foods that can cause bad reactions and even death to a dog.

Dog’s shouldn’t have salt in their diet and salt is in most of the foods we eat. As well, chocolate is very toxic to dog’s. Do an online search to see what foods can harm your dog.
Dry or canned dog food has vitamins and nutrients critical to good dog health. Choose these over feeding a dog table scraps!

Choose a premium dog food for good dog health, read the labels! The first couple ingredients should not be grains but rather some form of meat, not meat by products. Check the label to see what the recommended amount of food is for your dog. Ideally you can divide this amount in half and feed it half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Keep your dog’s water dish full of fresh clean water. They need to be kept hydrated. Be consistent with feeding times. Dogs like schedules and routines.

Clean your dog dishes regularly!


There is no need to buy fancy expensive pet beds. A clean blanket or large pillow will suffice. Of course it will think that your bed is better!

If your dog has to stay outside make sure he is protected from rain, wind and other harsh weather conditions. If you don’t have a dog house you can create a cozy space on a deck, in a shed or in your garage.

Proivide adequate shelter. You wouldn’t lay down and sleep in the rain…don’t expect your dog to!!


Training is important to keep your dog safe. They need to know when to “sit”, “stay” and “come” when they are in a dangerous situation. Training also provides mental stimulation which is important to your dog’s well being. They are always eager to please you, so by learning to do something that you are teaching them gives them a feeling of accomplishment and it makes them happy. There are many sites online that give you tips and tricks for dog training. Keep in mind that training your dog at home will require consistence and patience.

Obedience classes are another option. These classes provide training from basics to advanced.

Training will give you a well behaved obedient dog.

A dog’s basic needs include YOU!

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As you can see a dog’s basic needs are not a lot, but the needs they do have are critical for a healthy well balanced life.

Give him love and attention.

Provide him with healthcare.

Exercise and a balanced diet.

After all he, is a part of your family.


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